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XL Size 500g

¥12,960 JPY (with tax)

This is our masterpiece, guaranteed to delight as a gift. From the annual 14 tons of Morino Sapphire blueberries, only 1% are these exceptional extra-large fruits. Each berry measures at least 20mm in diameter, with some surpassing the size of a 500 yen coin (26.5mm).


L Size 500g

¥8,640 JPY (with tax)

Experience the peak of Japanese summer with these large, supremely sweet fresh blueberries. A popular choice for midsummer gifts and direct orders, these berries often sell out each season. They are picked fresh in the morning to ensure the highest sugar content, with sizes ranging from 17mm to 19mm.


M Size 500g

¥5,400 JPY (with tax)

Picked fresh at dawn to lock in the sweetness. Grown with care at the lush Morino Farm in Nagano, these large, ripe, and juicy premium Northern Highbush blueberries are known as 'Morino Sapphire.' These freshly picked berries range from 13mm to 16mm in diameter.

From Bud to Berry


Pruning for Quality

Pruning is crucial as it determines 80% of the fruit's quality. We remove old and unnecessary branches, keeping only the young and vibrant ones to shape the tree and adjust the number of flower buds on each branch. This ensures nutrients are well-distributed, leading to healthy buds.


Thinning for Bigger Berries

Our blueberry plants may produce multiple flowers from a single bud. However, we selectively thin the flowers to concentrate nutrients into fewer fruits, allowing them to grow larger by summer.


Harvesting for Sweetness

Blueberries store sugar overnight, which is used for growth under the sunlight. By picking them early in the morning by human hands carefully, we ensure that this sugar is retained, leading to sweeter fruit.


Sorting for Freshness

The natural powdery coating on blueberries, known as 'bloom,' is a sign of freshness and helps protect the fruit from drying out. Our sorting process ensures each berry is like a sapphire gem - bursting with juicy sweetness when you open the box.

Quality First - Pesticide-Free

Eating safe, quality food is crucial, especially when it's a gift. Morino Sapphire blueberries are grown without pesticides, handpicked, and shipped directly from our farm, ensuring they arrive fresh.

Visit Us

Our farm not only offers blueberry picking but also features a store and café where our popular blueberry soft serve is a hit. We receive smiles and appreciation from both kids and adults. If you’re in northern Nagano, come visit us!

Cultivated with Love

We take pride in every berry we grow. Our farm also produces handmade jams and compotes in our processing facility. Enjoy the nutrient-rich blueberries grown in the great outdoors of Nagano.

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